the World

Unit, the World Currency was the Final Degree Project that I presented in 2010 at EINA, University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona (UAB). Unit was a utopian single currency for all countries, issued by the World Bank and intended for use by all of the world’s population.

The aim was to design a currency that accepts everyone’s identification. With this proposal, It was used a clean and neutral graphic image that was not associated specifically with any culture, religion or flag. This was accompanied by the Helvetica typography and with a repertoire of pictograms that constitute an international graphic code which could be understood by all.

The same graphic and narrative were adopted for both the coins and notes. Their concept was based on the matter of the universe, which ranged from the representation of the smallest of objects right up to infinity. The 1 unit coin, represented by the Earth, was the intermediary between the six coins and six notes. The twelve elements were created on the basis of this, even the symbol. The coins were made of copper, silver and Nordic gold and the notes from polypropylene.

Tutors: Marc Catalá & Pablo Juncadella.
Court: Lluc Massaguer, Verònica Fuerte & Jordi Duró.

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