Toni Francés.
Electoral campaign

Campaign design of the candidate for mayoralty Toni Francés (PSPV) for the municipal elections of May 26, 2019 in Alcoy (Alicante). The graphic and communicative line revolved around identity elements of the city, according to the electoral strategy defined by the local political party.

Per Alcoi i per Alcoi was the campaign slogan. A linguistic formula reminiscent of the popular expression ‘Per Alcoi i per Sant Jordi!’ (‘For Alcoi and for Saint George!’) with which the beginning of the Moors and Christians Festival is proclaimed every year, and with which it was tried to strengthen the commitment of the political group with the citizens. The slogan was accompanied and graphically reinforced with the redesign of another cultural symbol: the Alcoy flag, known as Bandera Gran de Sant Jordi (Great Flag of Saint George).

In addition, was created a brand for the candidate, in which the name of Toni Francés was framed within the silhouette of the Barranc del Cint, iconic mountain of the landscape in Alcoy.

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