San Fermín 2014
winning poster

The winning official poster of the San Fermín 2014 festival in Pamplona was an illustrative representation where the saint standed out as main character and main axis of the sanfermines event, in whose miter appeared Ernest Hemingway, the writer who made this feast popular, a bagpiper woman, a bull, the Kiliki Caravinagre and the bullfighter Juan José Padilla, very beloved by fans in Pamplona. Trying to make a difference the inclusion of the corporative colors (red, white and black) were avoided for the background, choosing a pale sky blue instead, so it stood up in all kind of applications among the red and white flood of people in town between 6th and 14th July. The poster entitled Equipazo won over 546 works in the official contest. A popular jury chose the poster along with seven others and it won afterwards due to the votes of 25% of the citizens in Pamplona.

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