Cover design for the magazine
of the Moors and Christians
Festival in Alcoy 2018

The Associació de Sant Jordi is the entity in charge of the organization of the Moors and Christians Festival of Alcoy (Alicante). Annually publishes a magazine with reports of historical research, literary articles and serves as a prelude of this Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.

The cover of the 2018 magazine was commissioned to graphic designer Ignacio Doménech. The design communicates the order of the 28 filaes (groups) in the event in the last edition. Each represented with a minimalist detail illustrative of each costume, giving importance to the identity color that makes it recognizable to the other festive groups. All the filaes of the two sides are together, which symbolizes the union and coexistence of the two cultures, which in conclusion, is one of the values that identifies this festivity. The title ‘AL-COI’ prevails among the whole informative part, separating and making an etymological reference to the probable arabic origin of the city name.

The cover was a groundbreaking change compared to previous editions where artistic painting predominated,  opting for an infographic with digital/vector illustration for the first time in the history of this publication.

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